Against Agrobusiness

Agrobusiness has devastating effects on the environment and the lives of millions of people. They have convinced farmers in the last century that they cannot do farming without using petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. As a side effect of all this “ciding“, apart from eventual suicide, we destroy the environment and the agricultural lands degrade, i.e. lose their productivity and value. Because of all these wrong practices we have wiped out 1/3 of all insects, polluted the land, the water and the air.

People tell me that I cannot sell my produce because everyone has produce in the village, and that businesses are not interested in small-scale farming, so I must let my vegetables to rot or give it away for free, yet people in the cities consume products from far away lands, other countries, or even overseas, mainly for things that could grow just as well on their own soil. This reliance on imports is coincidental with globalization. Globalization allows transnational companies to dwarf small farmers, and gradually take their livelihoods away from them, accumulating it in their own hands and turning small scale farming into monstrous industrial large-scale farming.

Although touted by Adam Smith as producing the best results because of the “invisible hand”; equilibrium of demand and supply etc. you must understand that under capitalism, the profit motive and self-interest actually result in businessmen, who are beyond the jurisdictions of national laws, to care only for increasing their profits with no regard whatsoever for the environment or the lives of their employees, giving them only the bare minimums to keep them alive and working. That is, self-interest does exactly what it says; no care for the community, and all for the aggrandizement of one’s selfish interest.

Nixon removed the connection of the dollar to gold, and Reagan deregulated the economy. Liberal economists claim that the government is too sluggish and government interference only makes things worse. This thinking goes to support the obfuscation of markets (to borrow a term from Frank Pasquale) that we live in today. and since then just as in the TV show ‘La Casa De Papel’, they have been printing money and causing debt and inflation which is one of the main underlying causes of wars.
While they open off-shore accounts, and launder their money in a myriad of ways, avoid taxes, invest their money in real-estates to conceal them, do options trading, forex, get interest on the capitals they have, etc., the people and the environment suffer from their avarice. Movies such as Big Short, Inside Job, Wolf of the Wall Street, Le Capital show some aspects of these stories and I strongly recommend you to watch them. If you have any suggestions, please make sure to drop me a line.

In this blog

  • You will find my journey through organic farming, as I will research and publish my findings here.
  • I will write about topics of interest to me, which I hope will help me and you to connect the dots and see the larger picture as well as obtain actionable suggestions that you can put to use in your life.
  • You will find a lot of concern for the environment and sustainability.
  • As I learn about nature, I will be sharing them with you, in a manner that is easy to comprehend. Entomology, botany, organic farming methods and more.

My mission is nothing less than trying to change some of the wrongheaded paradigms that push humanity and life on earth towards annihilation.

  • I would like like-minded people who care about our world to drop me a line, and join our efforts to make the world a better place.
  • I would like to learn more about nature and organic farming and convey that knowledge to you.

Published by paulnewtman

Online English/Spanish/Russian/Serbo-Croatian/Turkish teacher, musician, junior programmer, translator/interpreter/captioner, permaculture farmer. A pacifist and a thorough-going believing agnostic.

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