I have decided to narrate books, and become a voice actor.

I have been listening to Librivox audiobooks and others for many years now, and it recently dawned on me that I should contribute some audiobooks as a sign of my gratitude. However, as I was going through videos on youtube about how to make a good recording of an audiobook, I have actually taken this idea a step further, and decided to take up a career in voice acting, which would be yet another profession I would be engaging in.

Here, you will be able to find the links to all the audiobooks I will have recorded.

Why narrate audiobooks?

  • I have found audiobooks to be a great tool for education in our modern life where we spend a lot of time doing dull or repetitive tasks that do not require mental effort, and I find it very useful to employ my mind during such activities by listening to audiobooks. This allows me to save time and learn even when I am doing something that is rather boring and menial for me.
  • It helps people who are living a busy lifestyle, as well as those who are disabled. Audiobooks can be listened to on a commute to work, while washing up the dishes, or cleaning the house, or when walking. There are so many uses for audiobooks, and it also helps the disabled people to access information and gain knowledge.

Some titles I will be working on are:

  • Books of Arnold Toynbee
  • Books of John Dewey

If you have any other books that have not yet been recorded for Librivox you can drop me a line, and I will get back to you about it!

Published by paulnewtman

Online English/Spanish/Russian/Serbo-Croatian/Turkish teacher, musician, junior programmer, translator/interpreter/captioner, permaculture farmer. A pacifist and a thorough-going believing agnostic.

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