Paul Henry Newtman

Language Services Provider, Farmer, Programmer, Musician

Born in 1990, had my first computer in 1995. Studied computer science in high school. Bachelor in English language and literature, M.A. in Science and Technology. Fluent in: English, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Spanish. Studied front end development from 2018 till now (on and off).

I have always lived in cities, and in megapolises, but a side of me always wanted to get away, and live in nature. I have always been preoccupied about climate change and the ecological damage we make as human species. After living in Kyiv for more than a year, I moved to a village, serendipitously, just two months before the Coronavirus outbreak, and since then I have been engaged in organic farming.
I am learning more and more about nature in order to apply permaculture in my farm. I want to go solar and buy an electric car.

Things I do
  • Permaculture
  • Philosophy
  • Translate & interpret
  • Learn coding
  • Blogging
  • Online language teaching
  • Play the Piano and the guitar
  • Listen books

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